Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Alexanderia Democrat Attacks Law-abiding Gun Owners - Delegate Gilbert Responds

Earlier today, Alexandria Democrat Delegate Mark Levine attacked law-abiding gun owners in a newsletter that says Republican polices are aligned with mass murder, terrorists, Al Qaeda and Nazis. House Majority Leader Todd Gilbert responded an a statement released to the press:
"We were incredibly disappointed by Delegate Levine's email. There was no subtlety or attempt at implication; this was a direct and overt personal attack on those who believe in the rights of law abiding citizens to own a gun, and an insult to those who support rational and reasonable political discourse.

"The violent act that occurred in Florida at the hands of a deranged individual is heartbreaking and infuriating to us all. I know Delegate Levine would be the first to criticize my desire to keep the victims and their families in my prayers, but I do so nonetheless. Many of us are willing to be part of a sensible discussion on violence and mental health in our communities and schools, but this email is not a productive contribution to the dialogue.
In the days following the school shooting in Florida, the gun ban lobby has trotted out their same old tired list of gun control that would not have prevented the tragedy last week.  In fact, we have learned that the FBI dropped the ball when it came to warnings about the behavior of the accused prior to the shooting.  Delegate Levine's attempt to imply that supporting the Second Amendment rights of Virginia's gun owners amounts to supporting terrorists and Nazis is unbecoming of a Virginia legislator and shows just how low progressives will sink to make a political point.

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