Monday, January 15, 2018

Senate Courts of Justice Turns Back Most of Governor Northam's Gun Control

Senate Courts of Justice wasted no time in dispatching the bulk of Governor Northam's gun control legislation this morning in their first meeting of the legislative session.  In total, 18 bills were defeated, including one of Governor Northam's top priorities - so-called "universal" background checks.  The list of bills is below.
Unfortunately, two pro-gun bills that have passed in previous years and ultimately vetoed by former Governor McAullife, was withdrawn by the patron, Senator Jill Vogel.  Those bills are:
Two pro-gun bills were reported out and referred to the Finance Committee:
One "bump stock" bill (which incorporated two additional identical bills related to bump stocks - SB113 and SB676) was reported our of committee and referred to the Finance Committee:
Several usually dependable pro-rights legislators joined anti-rights Senators in reporting the bill.  Senators Stanley, Sturtevant, Stuart, and Peake, as well as sometime pro-rights Senator Norment, joined the reliable anti-rights Senators of Saslaw, Howell, Lucas, Edwards, Stanley, Deeds,  and Petersen in reporting the bill. The discussion in the committee drifted to trigger replacements, modifications and changing factory standards.  SB1 is poorly written and will catch many more modifications than bump stocks if it passes.  The VSSA legislative team will continue to work legislators to defeat the bill.

Action on Northam's anti-gun agenda has yet to be taken in the House of Delegates.  Be sure to follow all of the legislative news here on the blog, as well as VSSA's Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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