Tuesday, January 9, 2018

General Assembly Convenes January 10th - Repeal of Reciprocity Agreements Tops List of Bills

The Virginia General Assembly convenes tomorrow and there are already a number of firearm related bills pre-filed, many of which are bad bills.  At the top of the list is HB498 by Delegate Marcus Simon that would undo the bi-partisan concealed carry reciprocity legislation that was negotiated and signed by Governor Terry McAuliffe and House and Senate Republicans.  Also included in the list are bills to ban so-called "bump stocks", a bill banning standard capacity magazines, several bills to reinstate handgun rationing, bills to begin undoing state-wide firearm law preemption, and a bill that would impose civil liability against a gun owner who sells a privately owned firearm to someone who later uses it to harm someone.  You can find the complete list if legislation currently prefiled, as well as track legislation throughout the session on the VSSA Legislative Tracking page.  I had the opportunity to speak with NRATV's Cam Edwards last week about the upcoming session and what gun owners can do to make sure that no bad legislation makes it to the Governor's desk.


Brian Manners said...

I'm not staying in the Communistwealth for the shit show ... I will be moving to Texas this spring and you can thank unfettered immigration legal and Illegal and transplants from other blue states for the sad state of affairs in the once great state of Virginia ... Sic Semper Tyrannis ..

Ronald Caron said...

Bump stocks are not the problem. If you have mad skills you can " bump" fire any semiautomatic weapon without a "device". The problem is nutcases and the unpredictability of people. Despite the investigative crap after every shooting, the bottom line is that it is not the government's job to protect us against people who choose to do horrible things, it is our job to protect ourselves from these types of people. Former Governor Beavis in his infinite wisdom chose to ban my right to carry in State property.... Think about this: now any nut case who decides to attack innocent people has all this new real estate to carry out an attack, since law abiding people won't carry on State Property. On the other hand, if he had just left it alone, no one would have been the worse for it, if you are carrying concealed correctly, no one knows you have it; if you are law abiding you won't be showing it to anyone or pulling it out unless your Life is in danger and the s&&__$thead who is thinking about doing something evil doesn't know who is carrying..... Good deterrent to try something stupid if you ask me.... I just hope our new Governor is smart enough to realize this and voids the previous dipshits executive order and takes a "you're not going to pull this stuff here" attitude for every psycho who thinks he will make easy targets of the people of Virginia. Bloomberg may have helped you get elected, but it's not too late to do the right thing. Trash that scumbag, take care of the people of Virginia and make him go back to that cesspool called New York where he belongs and stay out of Southern politics.