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Friday, December 1, 2017

Jim Shockey: Creating a Renewable Resource by Hunting

This month's issue of Outdoor Life Magazine features one of the premiere hunting personalities, Jim Shockey, on its cover this month.  He is part of the article on 19 people who have changed the way we look at the outdoors.
Canadian Outfitter and Outdoor Channel host Jim Shockey was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He has received numerous awards for his work in the outdoors.  His two children, Branlin and Eva, have both joined Jim in his hunting and entertainment business.  His daughter Eva was honored with a cover story in Field and Stream in 2014 and is considered a great ambassador for the growing number of women taking part in hunting.  She has also been one of the featured personalities at booths during the NRA Annual Meetings the last couple of years.

On Tuesday, NRATV host Cam Edwards had a great interview with Shockey where they discuss the Outdoor Life article "The Influencers," the people who are changing the way Americans hunt, fish, and shoot and think about the outdoors. As a big game hunter, he says hunters have been stereotyped in the press since the early 1960s. It's impossible to sit in North America and understand conservation wildlife hunting halfway around the world. Shockey explains that it's supply and demand economics at work. The animals have to have a higher value to survive as a species, a renewable resource for the local community. Jim says anti-hunters don't care about whether a species thrives - they simply want hunting to stop.   If you enjoy hunting, you will enjoy the interview.

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