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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

CBS News Conversation with Two Friends on Gun Control

Last week marked five years since the Sandy Hook school shooting. You probably saw a number of articles that talked about how there has been no movement on gun control in Washington in the last five years.  And, of course, one media outlet made a big deal about NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre being at the White House for a Christmas Party on the anniversary of the shooting.  CBS News released the results of a poll it took that, unsurprisingly, showed those who own guns oppose restrictions and those who don't own guns want more.  Over the weekend, the CBSNews streaming site had this short conversation with two friends, one pro-rights and one who was pro-control to see where they could find agreement as part of their Mass Shootings: Five Years After Sandy Hook story. It strikes me that some gun owners are so quick to agree to something like "The only way I would give in and say should ban guns, or a type of gun is if we could all at once, world wide, make all guns disappear."  Now, he may have said that knowing such a thing would never occur but the sound bite is used to show that even a proponent of gun rights and opponent of rights can agree on something.  At the end, even the anti-rights friend agreed you can't take everyone's guns away. 

There is no reason for gun owners to agree to restrictions on basic rights.  We aren't the ones causing crime and placing restrictions on us and banning the ownership of commonly owned firearms is not going to reduce crime.

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