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Friday, November 10, 2017

What Tuesday's Election Results Mean for Gun Owners

What was immediately clear was we are going to have four more years of the same - really good gun bills being vetoed.  Ralph Northam ran as the most anti-gun candidate for Governor since Mary-Sue Terry in 1993.  What is still undecided is which party will control the House of Delegates.  The Republicans may have a one member majority, or it could be a 50-50 split which would mean a power sharing agreement. Or, Democrats could have a one vote majority depending on recounts results.  Some have said gun owners dealt with a Democrat majority before and got shall-issue concealed carry passed in 1995.  The difference is in 1995 a number of those Democrats were pro-gun.  Today, most all of the Democrat members of the House of Delegates are from northern Virginia or other urban areas and are decidedly anti-rights.

Exit polls showed that a majority of voters came from gun owning households, and a majority - 61% - voted for Ed Gillespie.  What is disconcerting is 37% of those who said they came from gun owning households voted for the most anti-gun candidate Virginia has seen in almost 25 years.  We have our work cut out for us.  Expect an avalanche of anti-gun bills to be introduced in the General Assembly this year.  VSSA will be working hard to defeat them and will work to pass some meaningful pro-rights legislation.  But, expect to play defense like hasn't been done in twenty years.

For more analysis of what the results mean for gun owners, take 10 minutes and watch the below clip from NRATV's Cam and Company.

1 comment:

Mike said...

If it is a 50/50 split there will be no "power sharing". The dems will demand, and get, effective majority control. Same thing happened at the national level when the senate was 50/50. The dems ran rough shod over the institution. It is what they do. VA has been lost.