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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Now is the Time to Join VSSA or Renew Your Membership

VSSA's sister organization, the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA), had something in their member email newsletter today that is appropriate for Virginia gun owners too - especially in an election year that will have a major impact on whether we can get good firearms legislation signed into law or continue to have it vetoed as Governor Terry McAuliffe has done the last four years.

A recent study by the Crime Prevention Research Center noted that there has been an increase in concealed carry licenses throughout the country.  ISRA noted:
...the anti-self-defense crowd is increasing their attacks on concealed carry and lawfully armed citizens. They are will funded, noisy and resolute in their mission. I would remind everyone that in 1917 the Bolsheviks only made up a small percentage of the Russian population but were able to bring down the government. We have too many gun owners and concealed carry permit holders who are sitting on their duff letting someone else carry the burden of protecting their rights. It is time for those folks to join or rejoin state and national gun rights organizations and start helping.
The email went on to suggest people join, or renew their membership to ISRA.  The same is true for people in Virginia to join or renew their VSSA membership.  As Virginia's only full service gun rights organization, VSSA has been protecting the rights of gun owners for almost 80 years.  And as the NRA state association affiliate, VSSA is actively promoting the shooting sports to the next generation to insure we have people to continue the fight when we are long gone.  If you are a member, please renew today.  If you are reading this and not a member, please join today.  VSSA will be working with NRA-ILA to reach out to Virginia gun owners to help elect a pro-gun Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General this year.  We need every Virginia gun owner to help make this a great election so we can continue to restore and expand our gun rights.

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