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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

June Primary Endorsements

The NRA Political Victory Fund has posted grades and endorsements for the June 13, 2017, primary.  Besides the primary for the state wide offices, there are number of primaries in House of Delegate races.  As the state association affiliate of the NRA, VSSA supports the candidates that have been endorsed by the NRA and urges all VSSA members to support those candidates in the primary.  In races where there is no endorsement, VSSA members are encouraged to review the NRA-PVF grade when considering your vote on June 13.

In the race for Governor, all three GOP candidates received an "A" rating while both Democrat candidates received an "F".  In fact both Lt. Governor Ralph Northam and former Representative Tom Perriello, have been trying to "out gun control" each other for the past couple of months.  It is clear that no matter who wins the GOP primary, that candidate will be best able to work with gun owners to protect our Second Amendment freedom and to sign meaningful legislation that has been vetoed by Governor Terry McAuliffe.

VSSA urges all gun owners to go to the polls on June 13th and let your voice be heard.

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