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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

April Background Checks Second Highest on Record

But, Bloomberg's mouthpiece, The Trace leads with "Gun background checks were down 16 percent month-over-month in April."  By contrast, Fox News' headline on the subject read that sales (background checks are not a perfect indicator of sales but trends can be projected) remain near record levels.  Add this to the fact that this year's NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits saw the second highest attendance ever behind just 2013's meeting in Houston, and we get a picture that in post Obama America, the industry and the public's interest in firearms is still strong.

In the Trump era, where attacks on our rights from the White House are, for now, a thing of the past.   That is not to say there are no attacks. As I.C.E. Training owner Rob Pincus posted on his Facebook page from the NRA meetings, attacks are still coming at the state level and that is where the fight will continue for now:
The election for Governor this year could determine the direction for our rights for years to come as the next Governor will determine how state legislative districts are drawn.  If the next Governor is anti-rights like Terry McAuliffe, you can guarantee he will veto any redistricting plans that do not give his party more seats in the legislature.

Now is the time to join VSSA if you are not already a member, and get involved in this year's election.  That is the only way to protect our rights.

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