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Monday, April 10, 2017

Gun Ban Lobby Hopes Grammatical Error Dooms Georgia Campus Carry Bill

I'll admit I don't know how the Georgia legislature works but reading this article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution (via, if it were Virginia, it would be an easy fix for a Governor who wants to sign this bill:
The problem, Turkheimer writes, is the missing comma after the word offices. He continues:

Without that comma, it’s just two clauses both modifying “offices or rooms.” This reading becomes even more persuasive when you consider that both of these area exceptions, if they were meant to be separate, could, and perhaps should, have been put into different clauses. That’s how “Move on When Ready” and career academies were handled in the same bill. So unless faculty offices are also rooms where “disciplinary hearings are conducted”, they would NOT be exempted. Let’s just ignore whether these rooms are off-limits only when they are being used for disciplinary hearings or whether they are off-limits from carrying at all times because sometimes they host disciplinary meetings (makes less sense, but that’s what the bill says).
In Virginia, the governor would simply send down an amendment to add the comma.  I guess we will see if Governor Deal uses the missing comma as an excuse to veto the bill, ahead of the NRA Annual Meeting that will take place in Atlanta, or, if he is allowed to send the bill back with a simple amendment, takes the opportunity to add Georgia as the latest state to approve campus carry.

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