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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Vote “YES” on 2017 NRA By-Laws Amendments

Earlier this month, VSSA members should have received their NRA February member magazine where NRA President and VSSA Life Member Allan D. Cors urged NRA members to approve the proposed by-laws amendments:
If you’re a voting member of the National Rifle Association, you’ll soon receive your ballot for this year’s NRA elections. As usual, you’ll have the chance to vote for candidates to fill one-third of the NRA Board’s 75 seats (and, sadly, one additional vacancy due to the death of Board member Buster Bachhuber). But you’ll also have the opportunity to vote on a comprehensive package of important NRA bylaw amendments that have been unanimously recommended by the NRA Board. These proposals deserve your support and your “YES” vote.
The VSSA Board of Directors joins the NRA Board and our fellow member, NRA President Allan Cors, in support of the bylaws amendments and urge all VSSA members who are also NRA Voting Members to vote yes on the bylaws changes.

Key aspects of the NRA Bylaws haven’t been updated for over 30 years. The proposed amendments are designed to protect the NRA’s democratic processes from those who might intend to harm the Association, while also reflecting the new world of high-tech politics.

Here are the key changes:

  • Amendments to the recall election process ensure voting members’ choices are respected, by improving the fairness of the process for member removal of officers and directors. NRA officials could only be removed for good cause, such as violating the Bylaws or disrupting NRA operations. Allowing dismissal of frivolous or malicious recall would save NRA resources that could be much better used to advance Second Amendment rights. 
  • Repealing the Annual Meeting Bylaw amendment process ensures that changes in the NRA’s Bylaws are made either by the elected Board of Directors, or by the mail ballot process that reaches all of our voting members. 
  • The amendments update signature requirements for Board nominating petitions, recall elections, and Bylaw amendment proposals—raising the very small requirements set three decades ago to be more consistent with a membership that’s grown five-fold, and the greater use of online communications. To allow for future growth, the amendments include signature requirements based on percentages of valid ballots cast in the previous year's Board election. 

 More information is available to voting members of the NRA at


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