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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Mossberg Shockwave Home Defense Shotgun

Yesterday was the 2017 Shot Show Media Day where manufacturers bring out their new products for outdoor and gun writers to see.  One of the products generating a lot of buzz that NRA Publications featured on its You Tube channel was the Mossberg Shockwave Shotgun.  This is a home defense shotgun that is considered by BATFE a non-NFA item.

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Jeff Michal said...

I've been staring at this thing (or home made versions of it rather) for weeks wanting one, but I cannot tell if it is legal in VA. If you actually read the definition, the Virginia code is more restrictive than federal because it does not say "or less than 26 inches overall".

§ 18.2-299. Definitions.
"Sawed-off shotgun" means any weapon, loaded or unloaded, originally designed as a shoulder weapon, utilizing a self-contained cartridge from which a number of ball shot pellets or projectiles may be fired simultaneously from a smooth or rifled bore by a single function of the firing device and which has a barrel length of less than 18 inches for smooth bore weapons and 16 inches for rifled weapons.

But there is a loophole in the definition as well, "originally designed as a shoulder weapon." So my assumption is that if you buy it with a 14" barrel and the shockwave grip, you can keep it that way, but you cannot shorten an existing 500/590 to match, which is a shame because some of the parts shockwave offers make the setup even sweeter than the pictures of the mossberg one from the shot show.

Interested in anyone else's opinions here.