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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Shooting Sports USA: The New Gold Standard - Ginny Thrasher

NRA's Shooting Sports USA has a great article on Virginian and 2016 Gold Medalist Ginny Thrasher:
To say that Ginny Thrasher is a shooting phenom is an understatement. She originally took up the sport five years ago after a hunting trip with her grandfather. Two years later, she was the 45th best junior shooter in the country and was destined for success.
Thasher wants more people to take up the sport and had some great advice for new shooters:
Additionally, Ginny wants to spread the word about rifle competition, saying, “One of the best parts about rifle is natural ability does not hold you back. Whether you’re a male, female, 5'1" or 6'1", it doesn’t matter. Rifle is a sport where you very much get out of it what you put into it, and that’s the message I would like to get across.”
It's worth the short time it takes to read the entire article.

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