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Monday, October 3, 2016

NOVA Armory Sold to Store Manager

The Washington Post has the story here:
Dennis R. Pratte, who opened Nova Armory in March under the business name of Broadstone Security, said he sold the business Aug. 19 to Shawn Poulin, the store’s manager, who continues to operate it.

Poulin, in an interview at the store Saturday, said that the business is “in the black” and that he plans to expand to the second floor, with a showroom to feature rifles, tactical gear and an expanded clothing line. The former Marine said he’s the majority owner of the store. He said his partner is a Fairfax County company that makes amphibious patrol boats, but he would not name the firm.
Pratte was harassed by malcontents in the neighborhood and the General Assembly when he originally opened the store.

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