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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Rasmussen: Most Like the NRA But Aren't Moved by Its Endorsement

Rasmussen reports has the results of a new survey that shows approval for he NRA is high at 54% (much higher than congress and about the current average of approval for President Obama) but the survey also shows that the NRA's endorsement of Donald Trump is not a huge factor in how they will vote this election:
Most voters share a favorable opinion of the National Rifle Association and say their Second Amendment constitutional right to own a gun is important to their vote in the coming elections. But even among voters who rate the second Amendment highly, the NRA's endorsement of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump isn't critical to how they will vote.
That almost looks like a contradiction, given that the other major candidate in the race has constantly attacked the right to keep and bear arms.  How can you say on the one hand the right to own a gun is important to your vote but that the endorsement of one candidate over the one who has made it clear she does not respect that right will not affect your vote?

Gun owners are not monolithic.  You have people who own firearms for different reasons, from the folks who own and carry everyday for self defense to the guy who owns the gun for hunting and only takes it out of the gun cabinet from October to January.  A large number of gun owners don't vote based on whether a candidate plans to greatly restrict that right. The activist gun owner is a small percentage of the overall gun owning population.

Despite what the Washington Post Fact Checker says, Hillary Clinton has no respect for our right to keep and bear arms and here is the proof that she wants to make the Second Amendment totally meaningless via Frank Miniter of
Our task in the next couple of months is to get gun owners, especially the new members of the gun owning community to understand the results of this election will affect their rights and if they don't base their vote on the gun issue, they may not like what they wake up to four years from now.

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