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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

King George Gun Club 4H Takes Skeet Shoot vs Woodbury Forest

On April 30th the King George 4H Shotgun Club hosted Woodbury Forest School to participate in a skeet shoot at Northern Virginia Gun Club.  Woodbury brought two teams and from the scores and report from the club, it was a great morning of shooting followed by hot dogs for lunch.
NVGC 4H on Left is Chandler, Kendall, Jordan and Paul. Woodbury shooters in tan and orange shooting shirts (David King, third from the left shot with NVGC to round out their team)
The King George 4H team took 1st Place with a score of 198. Woodbury Forest 2 finished 2nd with a score of 190, which included a perfect score of 25 in the first round by Lisle Elliman.  Woodbury 1 finished 3rd with a score of 150.  Individual leaders were Lisle Elliman of Woodbury finished 1st with a score of 48, Kendall Rhodes of Northern Virginia Gun Club 4H finished 2nd with a score of 44, and Conn Jannerbo of Woodbury Forest finished 3rd with a score of 43.

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Dave said...

David King is shown in photo 1. He is the third Woodbury Forest student from the left. He was "substituted" to the 4-H team in order to fill out their team.