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Friday, March 25, 2016

McAuliffe Vetos Gun Bills That Would Overturn Executive Order 50

Late yesterday, Governor Terry McAuliffe vetoed House Bill 1096, which would reverse elements of the governor’s executive order that bans the possession of firearms in Virginia executive branch office buildings. He also vetoed House Bill 382, which would bar state agencies — other than the Department of Corrections, the Department of Juvenile Justice, the Virginia Port Authority and institutions of higher education — from adopting regulations preventing employees from storing a lawfully possessed firearm and ammunition in a locked private personal vehicle at their workplace.

According to the Richmond Times Dispatch, the Governor's veto statement said:
“As governor, I am the chief personnel officer of the state workforce,” McAuliffe said in vetoing the measure.

“I believe there is a need to establish and enforce workplace violence prevention policies that focus on employee safety and an atmosphere of workplace safety.

“An essential component of workplace violence prevention is the regulation of the possession, brandishing, or use of weapons on-site and during work-related activities. Our current state policy is aligned with and reinforces this best practice.”
The Richmond Times Dispatch reported this morning that the state GOP accused McAuliffe of being "inconsistent" on gun laws but McAuliffe was consistent on the issues addressed in these bills.  He said at the start of the session that he would veto any legislation that undid his earlier actions in this area and he did exactly what he said.  Neither bill passed with enough votes to override a veto but gun owners should let their voice be heard to their legislators so they know gun owners do not support McAuliffe's vetoes.

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