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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Washington Post: Bloomberg's New Target - Terry McAuliffe

The Washington Post reports this morning that Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety has turned its fire on Governor Terry McAuliffe via social Media:
On Wednesday, Everytown launched a social media campaign against McAuliffe, who last week stunned gun-safety advocates by announcing that he had struck a gun deal with Republican legislators and the National Rifle Association. It shows side-by-side photos of McAuliffe and the National Rifle Association’s Wayne LaPierre.

“What do VA Gov. Terry McAuliffe and NRA head Wayne LaPierre have in common?” one version reads. “Both Gov McAuliffe and NRA Head Wayne LaPierre support allowing dangerous people to carry hidden loaded weapons in Virginia.”

While clearly a lower-budget affair than last fall’s TV blitz, Everytown’s social media campaign against McAuliffe was a stunner, given how closely he worked with gun-safety groups since his 2013 campaign for governor. He narrowly won the race while bragging about his “F” rating from the NRA.
McAuliffe's office says he stands by the deal that was announced on Friday and during his radio blitz on Monday, McAuliffe said that his job is to keep Virginia safe and gun ban groups who are against the deal are more interested in pushing a national agenda.

This Post article also infers not only did McAuliffe throw Attorney General Mark Herring under the bus, he did the same to the gun ban lobby:
The deal that the McAuliffe administration hammered out with GOP legislative leaders and the NRA caught gun-safety groups off guard. In December, Attorney General Mark R. Herring (D) had severed reciprocity rights of gun owners in 25 states with concealed-weapons standards looser than Virginia’s — a move that had infuriated gun-rights activists even though state law has long dictated that reciprocity be limited to states with standards on par with Virginia’s.

The McAuliffe deal, which still needs General Assembly approval, reversed Herring’s action — and then some, directing him to strike reciprocity deals with every state that offers them. In that sense, the deal expands gun rights.
VSSA noted on its Twitter feed last Friday that McAuliffe's comments during the official announcement of the deal sounded like he was adding it to his resume for Vice President for his buddy Hillary Clinton:
The Post notes he also touted the deal with asked how he thought Clinton's gun control would play in New Hamshire:
Matthews asked McAuliffe, a close friend of Clinton’s and chairman of her failed 2008 bid, how the former secretary of state’s strong gun-control rhetoric might play in a rural state like New Hampshire. McAuliffe answered by touting the “historic agreement” he had just struck on guns.

“If you can do it Virginia, which is the home of the NRA, working together, we can do this anywhere,” he said. “People want, folks, they want their legislators to come together, to work with their governors to make them safe.”
Wonder how Bloomberg likes those bus tire tracks across his back.


sgharrod said...

So, Bloomberg has turned on his bought-and-paid-for governor that had his feet held to the fire by an angry citizenry, has he? He can take his bought-and-paid-for groups of gun haters like Every Town For Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action, get out of our fair state and stay the eff out of Virginia's business.

David S said...

Congratulations to our Governor for standing with the law abiding gun owners of Virginia who want nothing more than the ability to exercise their rights to own and carry guns. Thank you for standing with us and not siding with that control freak Bloomberg and his anti-gun minions.