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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

McAuliffe on Receiving End of New Bloomberg Newspaper Ad

The Washington Post reports this afternoon that the battle between Governor Terry McAuliffe and Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety escalated today to include a full-page newspaper ad in the Richmond Times Dispatch.
The ad quotes several of the governor’s statements about the gun deal, declaring each one “false” and providing a detailed analysis to back up that conclusion. Words that Everytown takes exception to are marked in red ink, as a teacher might when grading a test.

McAuliffe dismissed the criticism during an appearance in Northern Virginia, saying “everybody supports [the gun deal] except one gun-safety group out of New York City.”
McAuliffe's response about support among gun ban groups doesn't square with what other groups told the Post.
“I’m so angry at the governor for his comments,” said Jennifer Herrera, the volunteer leader of the state’s Moms affiliate. “We are Virginians and we are the people doing the work. So to hear him repeat this line that it’s this outside group — we have met you. You’ve stood with our survivors. You’ve been at our events.”
It could be a long second half of the General Assembly as it approaches the halfway mark on February 16th.  The group seems intent on making McAuliffe's life miserable.

Update: The Richmond Times Dispatch has a much stronger article that was posted on its web site Tuesday evening that points out the Everytown exagerations of McAuliffe's statements used in the ad.

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