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Monday, February 22, 2016

Alan Gura: Heller Could Be Gone Sooner Rather Than Later

I finally got around to listening to the podcast of Tom Gresham's Gun Talk radio program from February 14 and the first guest on the show was Alan Gura, the attorney who argued the Heller and McDonald cases before the Supreme Court.  Gura, as have many, talked about Scalia's impact on the Court.  When discussing the Heller opinion, Gura mentioned that many lower courts are actually basing their rulings on the minority opinion of Justice Breyer, giving the issue "intermediate scrutiny" when determining whether a law violates the Second Amendment.   Then he gave gun owners the best reason to get involved in this year's election.  He said the Second Amendment is obviously on the ballot this election and we have known for a while this was going to be the case given the ages of the justices currently on the Supreme Court.  He predicted if the court shifts to a 5-4 liberal make up Heller will be gone.  The interview is about 17 minutes and is well worth the time to listen.

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