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Monday, January 4, 2016

Public Ranks Guns/Gun Control 19th Out 23 Most Important Issues of 2015

As the President embarks on new "executive actions" to address "gun violence", Gallup has released a poll indicating the yearly average for people responding that guns/control was a top issue facing the country in 2015 was only 2%.  It ranked 19th out of 23 issues polled for the year.  The highest it polled during 2015 was 7% in October and December.  Even with all of the media attention immediately after the handful of mass shootings in 2015, the highest the issue polled was 7%.  At it's highest points, that is still less than half of the average for the top two issues of concern to respondents - Government/Congress/Politicians/ (top pick) and Economy in General (second).

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