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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Kansas AG Wants an Explanation for Herring's Decision to Unrecognize Concealed Carry Permits

The Times Dispatch has the story here:
Schmidt says Virginia first recognized Kansas licenses in February 2014 after six years of periodic discussions between the two states. He says he is unaware of any changes in Virginia law since then that would have explained the reconsideration.
Nice to see at least one state pushing back.


Ron Harris said...

Government workers in northern Virginia elected the governor and the attorney general a chip off the old Obma block and that is the reason for the attorney generals action. They don't represent the feels of most in the state of Virginia, just the ones living in the tight little circle around Washington and they mostly work for the government, which means they are going to agree with bigger Obma (democratic) government and to hell with the rest of the state. In others words they are not going to vote themselves out of a job.

Ron Harris said...

I think most who have been paying attention to the news know what this is all about, we have an Obama governor and attorney general. The main purpose for this is just another gun grabber deal which has nothing to do with safety for the law abiding citizen. They want us as defenseless as possible so the Socialist/Communist Democratic party (also known as the Democratic Party) can take over without a fight when they are ready.