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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Business and Conversation Brisk During Last Weekend's Nation's Gun Show

Both WTVR CBS6 and the Loudoun Times-Mirror covered the Nation's Gun Show held in Chantilly over this past weekend. Both Media Outlets found varying views on what was at the time speculation of what would actually come out of the White House.  First, the CBS 6 report.

I'm not sure the owner of Trader Jerry's would agree that his comments about those engaged in the business of selling firearms means he thinks laws should be more restrictive. While I don't know this, I am willing to bet he does not believe someone who sells one firearm from their personal collection at a gun show is in the business of selling firearms.

It should also be noted that CBS 6 did not go out of their way to try and portray the private sellers to which they spoke as some shady black market people but they were folks who, like most gun owners, wanted to make sure the folks they were selling their guns to were on the up-and-up.  They also were like most of the private sellers I have seen at gun shows - guys walking around with one gun on their shoulder, not someone trying to skirt the FFL law with a table full of firearms.

You probably noticed that reference to the show being so busy the ATM ran out of money.  Annette Elliot, the show promoted told the Loudoun Times-Mirror why the event was so packed:
“There are three reasons why people are waiting in line to get into our show,” Elliott explained. “One is ISIS. Two is McAuliffe. And three is Obama."
The Times-Mirror noted that more guns were sold in December than almost any other month in nearly two decades  according to federal data released on Monday.

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