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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dave Kopel on the Costs and Consequences of Gun Control

Today, the Cato Institute published a monograph by Dave Kopel titled "The Costs and Consequences of Gun Control."  It is a very thorough look at three of the so-called "common-sense" measures that President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and groups like Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety point to as a remedy for mass shootings.  Kopel looks at "universal" background checks, a ban on so-called high-capacity magazines, and a ban on the equally misnamed assault weapons. He describes why all three are misguided and explains why none of them will prevent mass shootings. Kopel notes in his introduction to the paper that policymakers instead can take some steps to incapacitate certain mentally ill persons who are potentially violent. He also reminds us that "it would be wrong not to acknowledge that gun laws often cannot stop a person bent on murder", and it is futile for policymakers to pretend otherwise. The monograph is a must read for pro-rights advocates who wish to counter the claims of the gun ban crowd.

Update:  On Wednesday, Kopel spoke with Cam Edwards of about the monograph.

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