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Friday, October 30, 2015

Yes to Glen, No to Bloomberg!

The Glen Sturtevant campaign has new bumper stickers for the last 5 days of the campaign! Stop by their campaign headquarters to pick up your "Yes to Glen! No to Bloomberg!" bumper sticker! Put this bumper sticker on your vehicle and on the yard sign at your home! The Sturtevant office is located at 1520 Huguenot Road Suite 116 in Midlothian.
The campaign is also asking you to show your support of Glen on your social media accounts! They supporters to help counteract some of the negative ads being bankrolled  by Bloomberg. Grassroots support is worth more than big donations from out-of-state liberals. The Sturtevant Campaign would like supporters to download the Facebook cover photo below and post it on your account today!
To find out other ways you can help in the final days of the campaign, contact Tim Lagerman at 570-898-3160, or email him at

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