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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Verizon Drops Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, From TV Offerings

Sporting Classics Daily reports that Verizon has dropped the Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel from its television line-up blaming low viewership and high costs as the reason.  But according to Sporting Classics Daily, that reasoning has some wondering if other issues are really the cause of the decision:
...While other niche channels like Al-Jazeera America continue to be broadcast, outdoor viewers are being told they don't make up a large enough audience to justify contract renewals between the telecom giant and the channels' provider, Outdoor Sportsman Group Networks.
The owner of Outdoor Channel/Sportsman Channel has enlisted the head of the AFL-CIO to their cause:
“We have more than 6.5 million members who make the outdoors an important part of their lives,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said on the group's website. “We are disappointed that Verizon has chosen to take these actions against Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel. Working people can’t be silenced by big corporate interests and will stand up to fight back against this unfair move by Verizon.”  
Trumka, Chairman of the Union Sportsmen's Alliance as well, sent Verizon's Ceo and Chairman Lowell C. McAdam a letter expressing his and the unions' concerns.
The Outdoor Sportsman Group Networks is encouraging sportsmen to contact Verizon and urge them to begin carrying the channels again or to outright cancel their service.

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Bernie Hadnot said...

I will gladly cancel my verizon cell phone service and recommend others to do the same. If enough do this they will remember that they can not dictate our rights to choose the programs that we might like to watch and not them .....