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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bloomberg Joins Gabby Giffords in Dumping Money into Virginia Senate Race

Sebastian has the story here.  As this blog has noted in the last couple of weeks, the gun ban lobby and Governor Terry McAuliffe have targeted Virginia's 10th Senate District as their best hope to pick up the one seat they need to take control of the State Senate.  Sebastian writes that Bloomberg's money will also target the 10th:
Bloomberg’s target is Glen Sturtevant. He will need money yesterday. Even if you can only donate 10 bucks, that can pay for a few lawn signs, or a pizza for volunteers. 
And speaking of volunteers, if you live anywhere near that district, I’d offer to help out on the ground. Grassroots is the only tool we have to counter Bloomberg. We can’t outspend him, because our movement doesn’t have any rich billionaires of our own that can afford to spend that kind of coin. 
Donate to NRA’s Political Victory Fund. This is our collective pool of money to challenge Bloomberg. I will tell you for certain, NRA cannot afford to match Bloomberg’s spending in this one state senate race. NRA-PVF has about 8.4 million dollars of cash on hand right now. Mike Bloomberg’s net worth is 38.5 billion. 
Get the word out that Everytown = Mike Bloomberg. It’s all him. It’s all his money. It’s one rich billionaire trying to hijack Democracy from ordinary middle-class Americans. Bloomberg is not a likable guy. Part of the Everytown move is to distance the organization from it’s founder and pocket book, because they know this. Hand Bloomberg around Everytown’s neck like the albatross he is, and make them wear the unpopularity of their funder.
Sturtevant's opponent, Dan Gecker, is Terry McAuliffe's hand picked candidate.  He has an "F" rating from the NRA-PVF.  Thanks to Bloomberg, the anti-rights crowd has more money than they have ever had and can target specific races like the 10th.  NRA-ILA has a campaign field rep, Tim Lagerman, on the ground in the 10th to coordinate gun owner volunteer efforts.  You can contact Tim by email ( or by phone at  570-898-3160 to help.   Don't let Bloomberg's money buy this election.

I had the opportunity to speak with Cam Edwards of NRA News Thursday afternoon about this.

Update: Shortly after speaking with Cam yesterday, news broke that Bloomberg is dropping $1.5 million in the 29th Senate District.

Update: NRA-ILA will host a free training Tuesday, October 27th, at the Embassy Suites located at 2925 Emerywood Pkwy, Richmond, VA 23294.  You'll learn how you can help stand up to Governor McAuliffe and his anti-gun friends and how you can be an even more effective grassroots activist so that together we will be able to elect a pro-gun state Senator. 

Doors open at 6:30pm and the presentation will start around 7:00.  There will be light refreshments and some NRA gear for everyone in attendance. You will have the opportunity to meet several NRA staff members, and talk to them about any ideas you have to help protect the 2nd Amendment. 

Also, let other 2nd Amendment supporters know about this event. If you have any questions please feel call Tim Lagerman at 570-898-3160, or email him at

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