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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Guest Post - Robert Melvin, Candidate for VSSA Board of Directors

My name is Robert Melvin, and I am running for the Board of Directors for the Virginia Shooting Sports Association (VSSA).  With many of you receiving and submitting your ballots, so I thought this would be a good time to provide you with some additional insight into my candidacy. 

As many of you have read on the ballot, I am a native Virginian, VSSA Life Member, a graduate of Hampden-Sydney College, and a long time advocate of our Second Amendment freedoms. I am a veteran of political campaigns for NRA-PVF endorsed candidates, not only in Virginia, but also around the country.  I got my start as the NRA-ILA Campaign Field Representative for the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, overseeing the statewide Director of Sportsmen outreach for the Scott Lingamfelter for Lt. Governor campaign, and managing the NRA-ILA’s grassroots efforts in Virginia and 14 other states. 

During my time with the NRA-ILA Grassroots Division, I secured many victories for the pro-gun community, starting with the historic 2013 Colorado Recall Election.  In addition, I oversaw the NRA-ILA’s political operations in eight states during the 2014 election—helping secure wins in U.S. Senate races in Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Colorado, Montana, Nebraska and Louisiana, and changing the state Constitution of Mississippi to protect the right to hunt and fish.  During my time with the NRA-ILA, I not only handled election operations, but I also worked to educate the next generation of pro-gun activists though countless workshops and seminars.  These trainings are critical to growing our network of supporters.

While I have accomplished much during my career, it’s important that I give back to Second Amendment supporters, which is why I am running for the VSSA Board of Directors. 

If elected, I will work to foster a stronger, more vibrant network of supporters for the VSSA by building bridges to new demographics in the pro-gun community.  I want to bring a fresh perspective to the Board, and as a millennial, I know how to reach out to younger supporters. 

I am honored to have the following endorsements for the VSSA Board of Directors:

-Charles Cunningham; Special Advisor to the Executive Director of the NRA-ILA and Chairman of the Board for VA DGIF

-Delegate Michael Webert; Whip of the Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee

-Delegate Scott Lingamfelter; Chairman of the Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee

-Carrie Lightfoot: Founder and President of The Well Armed Woman (a National Female Firearms Organization)

If you have any questions pertaining to my candidacy for the VSSA Board of Directors, please do not hesitate to contact me at I look forward to earning your trust and your support.
Robert Melvin.
Editor's Note: This space is open for all candidates currently running for the VSSA Board of Directors to introduce themselves to members in a longer format than was allowed in the candidate bios included in the member mailing.  The views expressed are those of the author.

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