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Monday, September 14, 2015

Democrat Presidential Candidate O'Malley Calls for Sweeping Gun Control

WMUR 9 reports that Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley will roll out a sweeping gun control plan in New York today:
Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley calls for universal background checks, fingerprint licensing for gun purchases and a rejection of federally mandated concealed carry in a plan he says will "prevent and reduce" gun violence.

His plan, to be unveiled at a gun safety roundtable at Boys and Girls Harbor in New York City, would also ban “assault weapons” and close loopholes he says currently make women vulnerable to gun violence."
According to WMUR, O'Malley also wants to establish a national firearms registry, a mandate that all lost or stolen firearms be reported to law enforcement and a ban on the sale and distribution of modern sporting rifles.  I guess O'Malley doesn't know that Canada, which has less people and had less firearms in the hands of the public than this country, already tried a national registry and scrapped it because of cost.

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