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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thanks for Keeping Our Costs Low

Last week, the VSSA Executive Director shared this information with me and I intended to post it, but as is the case sometimes with bloggers who have a real job and a family, work and family responsibilities caused it to fall to the bottom of the stack. He sent me a "gentle" reminder late Wednesday afternoon, so here goes:
This marks the ninth year in a row that VSSA annual dues have not seen an increase! While postal rates have increased several times over the same period, and the cost of the renewal forms has also increased, there has been an overall savings to VSSA. This is due in large part to you, the members.

Not long ago, VSSA did a complete revamp of the association web site and began accepting new members and renewals online. As people now do everything from shopping, paying bills, and banking online, it only made sense to add this feature to the revamped web site. That feature has been a contributing factor to the savings. Online renewals save in repeat renewal notices, save in postage and save in time necessary to produce statements.

If you have not used this method for your membership renewal (and War Chest donations too), please take a moment to look at this simple and cost saving feature when it's time to renew your membership. You can access the renewal page at  You can visit the War Chest donation page at

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