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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bloomberg's Gun Safety Fail

Michael Bloomberg's Moms Demand Action gun ban group, which likes to think of itself as a "gun safety" group, has come up with a new project that appears to borrow from two well known programs, NRA's Eddie Eagle and NSSF"s Project Childsafe, as well as the Brady Campaign's Ask campaign, but in the end misses the target. 

Known as the Be Smart campaign, it brings former child star Melissa Joan Hart out of mothballs to appear in a new video as the spokesperson for the program.  Hart, who was associated with conservative messages during the 2012 presidential campaign has taken small steps into the gun ban movement. She appears to have jumped head first into the movement with this project. Bob Owens of gave his thoughts on the video yesterday.
You may have noticed that the video title, "a conversation about kids, guns and safety" is similar to this one:
But that is where the similarities end.  Bob mentioned via Miguel at the Gun Free Zone blog, some of the technical issues with the Be Smart video, like, what's up with the NYPD police officer locking away the ammunition in the safe but leaving the handgun out, even if it is secured by a cable lock?  Most importantly though, unlike the NSSF video above, the Be Smart video includes no discussion with kids about gun safety.  The NSSF approach of fully engaging your children in the process is what really works.  And, having someone who actually knows something about firearms and gun safety like NRA Mom and World Champion shooter Julie Golob doesn't hurt either.

In the end, the Be Smart campaign isn't really about gun safety, it's about telling people if they have kids, they should not have guns.  With the public's attitude toward firearms shifting dramatically toward the pro-rights side, Moms Demands' new campaign is likely to fall as flat as their annual protests of the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits.

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