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Monday, April 6, 2015

Glock Looking to Shake Up the Concealed Carry Firearm Market

The Motley Fool has an article over on on the new Glock 43:
Last month, Austrian arms maker Glock unveiled its latest handgun for the civilian market, and it's tailor-made for concealed carry. Dubbed the "43," Glock describes its new polymer pistol as a "subcompact slimline" and a "single-stack 9mm" -- meaning rounds are loaded into the magazine straight up and down, permitting a narrower grip.
It's not the first carry handgun Glock has produced (the Glock 42) but the previous effort in .380 received less attention.  The Glock 43 follows in of the Ruger LC9 footsteps by being chambered in .9mm.  It weighs just over a pound unloaded and the magazine holds 6 rounds (making it 6 plus 1), one round less than the popular Smith and Wesson Sheild.
Looking forward to seeing this later in the week at the NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits in Nashville.

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