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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Congressman Randy Forbes Co-sponsors Interstate Transport Bill

Earlier this year, H.R. 131, a bill to more comprehensively address the interstate transportation of firearms or ammunition, was introduced in Congress.  This important piece of legislation is sponsored by Virginia Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-VA9th). 

Current federal law guarantees the right of law-abiding persons to transport firearms between two locations where they have a legal right to possess and carry them, regardless of state or local laws that would otherwise apply. The firearm must be cased or otherwise not readily accessible. Unfortunately, there have been some high profile instances where anti-gun local officials in places like D.C. and New Jersey have used overly restrictive state licensing laws to harass and prosecute travelers who have made every effort to comply with the law.  This has resulted in charges being filed, seized firearms that are sometimes never returned, delayed travel, legal fees, and sometimes even unnecessary guilty pleas.

H.R. 131 would ensure the law has the effect Congress intended when it passed more than 25 years ago. Specifically, the legislation would make clear that transportation of both firearms and ammunition is federally protected, as well as expand the protections afforded to travelers to include "staying in temporary lodging overnight, stopping for food, fuel, vehicle maintenance, an emergency, medical treatment, and any other activity incidental" to the trip. Additionally, the bill would place the burden of proof clearly on the state to prove that the traveler failed to comply with the law.

Yesterday, Congressman Randy Forbes (R - VA4th) informed VSSA that he had co-sponsored the bill.  If you live in the 4th Congressional District, please take a moment to call or email Congressman Forbes to let him know you appreciate his co-sponsoring H.R. 131 as well as his support for our Second Amendment Rights.

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