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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gun Free Zone Documentary Debuts April 1

The topic of “gun-free zones” and campus carry is facing the glare of the national spotlight with lawmakers in 10 states promoting bills to permit licensed carriers who are 21 or older to bring their firearms on college campuses. Safety/security (sexual assault and mass shootings) and constitutional-rights concerns are driving the discussion.  So it is timely that the Outdoor Channel's Safe Haven Documentary hosted by Fox News contributor and Townhall news editor Katie Pavlich debut's April 1.
According to the Outdoor Channel media release:
"Safe Haven" takes a critical look at the history of gun-free zones in the United States and their effect on crime prevention through a series of interviews with law enforcement, industry experts and survivors, among others. The documentary explores how effective, or perhaps ineffective, these gun-free measures have been and offers possible solutions that would better protects schools, businesses and the public at large.
The program airs at 4:30 ET on April 1.

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