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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Senate Bills in House Subcommittee Thursday

Bills are going to move even more quickly with only two weeks left in the session.  Senate Bills that made it to the House will be in the House Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee Subcommittee #1 this afternoon at 4:00.  The bills on the docket are:

S.B. 936 - would give law enforcement (including police, sheriffs, Capitol Police, and Virginia State Police) the option of donating an unclaimed firearm to the Department of Forensics in lieu of destroying the firearm. 

S.B. 948 - would prohibit the Virginia State Police from providing concealed handgun permit (CHP) holder information to law enforcement in states that do not have a reciprocal licensing agreement with Virginia.  This would prevent states like Maryland and New Jersey from going on “fishing expeditions” to find an excuse to arrest or harass Virginia CHP holders if they are stopped for nothing more than a routine traffic violation.

S.B. 1137 - would exempt concealed handgun permit holders from any local ordinances that ban having loaded rifles or shotguns in a vehicle on any public street, road, or highway.  Currently law enforcement, military and any person who reasonably believes that a loaded rifle or shotgun is necessary for his personal safety in the course of his employment or business are exempted.

S.B. 1155 - would require law-enforcement agencies to return stolen firearms to the rightful owner unless the person is prohibited from possessing the firearm or it is needed in a criminal prosecution.

S.B. 1191- would amend the statute that makes it a crime to possess a firearm, stun weapon, knife, and certain  other weapons on school property to require that the person must have knowingly possessed the firearm or other weapon.

VSSA's lobbying team does not expect any problems getting these bills out of committee or through the House of Delegates.

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