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Friday, February 27, 2015

Former Columbine High School Student Promoting Concealed Carry for Educators

NPR has the story here.  Patrick Neville is a Republican in the Colorado State Legislature but, in 1999, he was a 15 year-old student at Columbine High School on his way to lunch when two fellow students armed with firearms and pipe bombs started the carnage that resulted in the killing of one teacher and 12 students. He believes that if someone in the school had been armed, more of his friends might be alive today.
"They're just easy targets ... for a criminal, a terrorist or anyone intent on doing harm," Neville says. "I wake up every day and send my kid to school on blind faith that she's going to return home safe when there's really no safeguards for our schools."

A poll done last year by Quinnipiac University found that 50 percent of Coloradans supported the idea of arming teachers in schools, while 45 percent opposed.
There is a similar effort in the Wyoming legislature this year.  There, not only is there an effort to allow carry in schools, but also to provide funding so that school staff who carry are prepared should they have to act.

In Colorado, the effort faces long odds of becoming law with the House and Governor's office controlled by Democrats.  But, as the photo in the article illustrates, it has support among educators.  The photo was of educators taking part in concealed carry courses in Englewood, CO.  It hopefully won't be long before legislators start listening to those educators and school staff who wish to be armed to protect the children in their charge.  And, hopefully, Virginia will stop ignoring the bills introduced on the subject and actually allow debate on the topic.

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