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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

McAuliffe Links Gun Control With Economic Growth

The Virginian-Pilot reports on Governor Terry McAuliffe Monday press conference yesterday where he continued to roll out his agenda for the 2015 Session of the Virginia General Assembly, touting his "equal opportunity" legislative agenda that linked issues like gay rights and gun control to economic growth in the hope of garnering conservative support.
McAuliffe, speaking near the Capitol two days before the General Assembly session begins, also touched on the gun control proposals he unveiled last month, saying Virginians can prosper only if they're safe.
But, McAuliffe didn't mention that crime in Virginia is at all time lows, and that over the last 8 years, gun sales have increased over 100% while crime has dipped 28%.  At the same time his is touting the highest amount of business investment in the Commonwealth in history.  So, it would seem as Virginia remains one of the freest states when it comes to Second Amendment Rights, Virginians are safe, and the economy is growing.  The GOP controlled General Assembly have all but pronounced McAuliffe's anti-rights proposals dead on arrival.

This is all just political payback to this liberal base that even though the legislature is hostile to his proposal, he will still promote their interests.
“I’m doing what I said I was going to do when I ran for governor,” McAuliffe said. “And guess what? I won.”
I'll be on Sportsman Channel's NRANews Cam and Company to discuss McAuliffe's press conference in more detail at approximately 5:25 today.

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