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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

House Democratic Caucus Compares Gun Laws to Rules on Flags, Balloons, at Capitol

Trying to gain some attention to pass gun control, PolitiFact notes that the House Democratic Caucus has come up with an online petition and graphic to show that Virginia's gun laws are "awry."
The online entreaty calls for "common sense gun laws" and, to foster the contention that Virginia’s firearm policies are awry, contains a white and blue graphic of some of the rules regarding public entrance to the state capitol.

On the left side of the graphic is the headline "Banned in the Virginia State Capitol." Underneath are pictures of a bullhorn, a trumpet, a floating helium balloon and an American flag on a pole.

The right side says, "Allowed in the Virginia State Capitol." Underneath are pictures of a handgun, a rifle, and two assault guns.

"How does this make sense?" the bottom of the chart asks in capital letters.
PolitiFact checked the rules and made some calls and found that for the most part, the claim about the rules was mostly true.  That doesn't mean our "firearm policies are awry."  It just means we have a right to keep and bear arms that is stated in both the Constitution of Virginia and the U.S. Constitution.  There are no such pronouncements for bullhorns, balloons, or even flags on a pole.

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