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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Why the Gun Ban Lobby Lies About Guns

Charles Cooke has a great piece over at National Review's web site that talks about why gun control advocates lie about guns.  You see, the gun ban lobby is not at all happy that the Pew Poll on the public's attitude about firearms shows that for the first time, more people than not believe that owning a firearm makes one safer:
Angered by the news that American voters are now more supportive of the Second Amendment than they have been in two decades, the New York Daily News’s Mike Lupica used his weekend column to vent. Over the course of 900 words, Lupica lambasted the public for continuing “to protect gun nuts,” chided the “mouth-breathing” NRA for its murderous myopia, and contended emotively that “there are no words” available to describe the horror of “a recent poll that says a majority of Americans believe it is more important to protect the right to own guns than it is for the government to limit access to guns.”
Cooke spoke with NRANews' Cam Edwards about the article and why the gun ban lobby uses lies to promote their cause.

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