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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Judge to Rule on Injunction to Stop Fredericksburg " Gun Give Back"

The Fredericksburg Free Lance Star reports this morning that a hearing is scheduled for 1:00 pm today to decide rather to grant an injunction against a so-called "Gun Give Back" planned for this weekend.

Virginia Law requires any locality that wants to hold a "Gun Buy Back" event to pass an ordinance that specifically allows the event to take place.  They also must put any firearm acquired by the event to be offered for sale to an FFL.  Such schemes typically give the owner of the firearms gift cards or cash of around $100. Fredericksburg apparently thinks it can get around this requirement  because instead of giving something to the gun owner, they found a benefactor  to give small donations to one of four area charities.

VSSA made contact with the City Attorney last week after learning of the scheme. No surprisingly,  Kathleen Dooley, the city attorney, told VSSA that we were interpreting  the statute incorrectly and that the event in question is not covered by the law.

The injunction was filed on behalf of Patricia Webb, an FFL in the area.  Dooley not only is asking that the request be denied but is also asking that the city be reimbursed for its cost in defending the action.

1 comment:

Hortense Weinblatt said...

Excellent irony, here. Fredericksburg is trying to use - guess what? - a "straw man" to get around the statute!