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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

You've Used Deadly Force, Now What?

Lee Vernon, and CEO of Combative Weapon Solutions, has some useful information titled The Aftermath of Using Deadly Force over on the Personal Defense Network web site:
At the Concealed Handgun Licensing classes I’ve taught for years, I often throw out the old “What would you do in x, y, z situation?” question to students. And just as often, I’ve been amused and appalled at the responses. I then try to explain that, depending on the situation, what we think we will do and what we actually end up doing may be two totally different things. Simply put, every situation is different. That plus your experience and amount of training will dictate to a large degree the choices made. And the choices made in those critical few seconds have major implications in more ways than people realize. Let’s look at what you will likely have to deal with after a situation where you use deadly force. 
Vernon goes through the law enforcement response, lawyers and insurance, financial and emotional distress that you will likely encounter.  It's a must read.

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