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Thursday, September 4, 2014

NOIR is Back's NOIR started the second half of it's first season last night and they have made some changes from the first half.  For instance, they did some surveys after the first half of the season to get feedback on what the viewers wanted and overwhelmingly heard that they needed to do more shooting.  So, that's what they are doing.  The show features NRANews Commentator Colion Noir, Amy Robbins, and Darren LaSorte.  LaSorte is more of a tactical shooting type of guy and a bit intense.  Noir likes the "athletic" shooting.  In this episode Noir and LaSorte shoot stage one of a 14 stage course.  They also continue to have product reviews.  This week Colion reviewed the Heckler & Koch  VP9 striker fired pistol.

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