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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Business Proactively Reach Out to Gun Owners

While Bloomberg's astroturf group Moms Demand Action continues to try and bully businesses into creating anti-rights policies for their customers, the Washington Times reports that tens of thousands of business are proactively posting pro-rights signs welcoming gun owners through their doors:
Sharma Floyd, owner of Shiloh Brew & Chew in Maryville, Tennessee, has gained national media attention by putting a sign in the window of her restaurant welcoming firearm owners with permits, and business has been booming. At Shooter Grill in Rifle, Colorado, waitresses are packing. All Around Pizzas & Deli in Virginia Beach gives discounts to patrons who show up armed.
All the while there have been no crimes committed by gun owners in the over 57,000 businesses that openly welcome them.

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