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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Virginia Shooters Score Big at Junior Olympic and CMP Championship

Olympic Dreams Begin Here is on the banner, but the hard work takes place on ranges like the Norfolk County Rifle Range (NCRR) in Chesapeake, VA.  On June 27, during the 2014 National Junior Olympic 3P Air Rifle Championship held at Camp Perry, Ohio,  the 4-H Patriot Shooting Club precision air rifle team shot these scores: 

Robert Hudson 577, Claire Zanti 579, Anika Corsi 583, Madeleine Godwin 591, Sarah Osborn 593. Madeleine placed 5th, and Sarah Osborn was named the USA Shooting National Champion for 2014.  She was awarded the coveted USA Shooting jacket and a spot on the Junior National Development Team.
USA Shooting’s Youth Development Director Michael Theimer, Sarah Osborn (Hampton, Virginia), Kristyn Trump (DuBois, Pennsylvania), Director of Civilian Marksmanship (Emeritus) Gary Anderson.
The 4-H Patriot Shooting Club precision team set a new National Record for a 4-H Team in a 3x20 match by shooting a score of 2344. Below is a photo of the Friday Junior Olympic award ceremony. 
On June 28, the 4-H Patriot Shooting Club precision team competed in the 2014 CMP National Championship held at Camp Perry, Ohio.   The 4-H Patriot Shooting Club precision team shot these scores:

Anika Corsi 577, Robert Hudson 583, Claire Zanti 591, Madeleine Godwin 591, Sarah Osborn 593.  Claire placed 4th,  Madeleine placed 3rd with a Bronze medal, and Sarah Osborn placed second with a  Silver medal. Sarah set 4 National records for kneeling with her score of 200 with 19 center tens (of 20 shots).

The Patriot team set three new National Records for a 4-H Team, Club team, and Overall in a 3x20 match by  shooting a score of 2352. This is the highest team score ever in Junior Air Rifle Shooting. The 4-H Patriot Shooting Club is the 2014 CMP National Champion Precision Air Rifle Team.
Anika Corsi, Madeleine Godwin, Claire Zanti, Robert Hudson, Sarah Osborn, and coach Lynn Wheeless
The prestigious Junior Distinguished Badge for excellence in three-position air rifle competitions was awarded to Claire Zanti, Madeleine Godwin, and Robert Hudson.
Madeleine Godwin was awarded a $1,000 scholarship for being the highest scoring high school senior.
The team wishes to thank all of the adults from around the state whose cumulative efforts to support junior shooting sports in Virginia contributed to their success.
Scores can be found  hereNational Records are here.

Thanks to Norfolk County Rifle Range (NCRR) for submitting this news.  NCRR is a 100% VSSA membership club.

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