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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Proposed Changes to the CMP Pistol Program

From today's CMP Shooters News:
The CMP Pistol Program promotes and governs U. S. bulls-eye target pistol shooting with "service pistols." This program includes the Distinguished Pistol Shot Badges, National Trophy Pistol Matches, Pistol EIC Matches, the Pistol Small Arms Firing School and CMP Games Pistol Matches. This program is revered for its time-honored traditions and it enjoys the esteem of countless pistol shooters. Nevertheless, two critical concerns have caused the CMP to consider changes in this program. First, overall program participation has declined over a period of many years. Second, many shooters and match sponsors are calling for changes to increase participation and offer more competition opportunities. In response to these concerns, the CMP Rules Committee convened a "blue ribbon" panel of pistol experts to evaluate the CMP Pistol Program and recommend possible changes. The CMP Pistol Program Review Panel includes experts who represent all aspects of competitive pistol shooting, including experienced competitors, match officials and advanced pistol armorers. The Panel has produced a comprehensive document titled CMP Pistol Program Changes that is now posted on the CMP website. This document describes the changes to the CMP Pistol Program that are being considered. The CMP invites pistol shooters, match officials and other concerned persons to study this document and forward their comments to Comments should be received not later than 7 July 2014.

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