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Friday, July 18, 2014

Don't Recall Liberals Calling For Republicans to Change Senate Filibuster Rules

Roll Call has an op/ed today by Nan Aron, president of  Alliance for Justice, that praises the rules change Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid rammed through earlier this year and how that change has allowed a number of President Obamas court appointees to clear confirmation by the Senate:
A rule-or-ruin campaign by the Republican minority had turned the filibuster from a rarely used tactic reserved for extreme circumstances into a weapon of mass obstruction, used routinely to block nominations and paralyze entire government agencies.

That’s why the Senate had to change its rules to end filibusters with a simple majority vote. But now a months-long Republican temper tantrum is wasting the Senate’s — and the American people’s — time, necessitating new countermeasures.
I don't recall Aron making the same complaint about the Democrats when they were in the minority during the Bush Administration and how they held up, and in some cases killed, a number of Bush court appointees, using the exact same "weapon of mass obstruction."  And, maybe given the likelihood that Democrats may lose control of the Senate this year, she may wonder if she should have been more careful for what she wished.

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