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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Chicago Compensated Gun Confiscation Scheme Pays Dividends for Illinois Group has the story here:
In 2012, Guns Save Life took up 65 clunkers to trade for perfectly good cash. Some of our guns were fire-damaged, others were just pre-1898 rust-ruined barreled-actions and some were literally held together with tape.  
We received $6240 that day for our collection of junk – including one starter pistol that wouldn’t fire a real bullet on the best day, but did gain us yet another $100 gift card.
The results:
We’ve been spending that money on ammunition for the nation’s longest-running NRA Youth Shooting camp each year, held annually at Darnall’s Gun Works and Ranges in Bloomington, IL. This year was the 20th anniversary of the camp, and Guns Save Life spent the final $2000 of that Chicago money on ammo to teach 151 young people, ages roughly 9-16 how to safely handle guns over the four-day, three-night camp. 
I'd say that's putting Chicago's money to good use!

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