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Friday, June 13, 2014

Virginia Self-Defense Law Offers VSSA Members Discount

Save Your Life Savings

As many of you know, our friend Ken Cuccinelli stepped down as Virginia’s Attorney General in January. Ken is continuing his advocacy for 2nd Amendment Rights as a lawyer in the private sector. With 3 other lawyers, he has started a unique law firm called “VSD Law, PLC,” a Virginia Self-Defense Law Firm. You can visit them at . Ken has offered VSSA members a special discounted membership rate for both individuals, or for married couples. What VSD Law, PLC does is defend you if you get harassed for being a gun owner or for carrying, and they will defend you if you have to use your firearm lawfully in self-defense. This is not insurance – you would be hiring a law firm – and if you have legal issues due to your ownership or use of your firearms, you will not pay for any attorney fees for their representation beyond the annual retainer cost noted above. My wife and I have signed up, and I’d urge you to visit their website and check it out. Don’t lose your life savings just because you have to defend your own life or family. If you want to sign up, contact the VSSA office by e-mail at After your membership has been verified, you will be provided a special link for VSSA members, where you will receive the special VSSA discount.  This special discount is not visible any other way on the VSDLaw web site except through the link provided to you by the VSSA office.  You must be a VSSA member to receive this special rate.

I urge you to go to the VSDLaw web site to learn more about their services.  Then, if you are a VSSA member, send an email to the address above and you will be provided the special URL for VSSA members.  Not a VSSA member?  We can help with that too!  Just click here to join. 

I use VSDLaw and I urge you to use VSDLaw too.
Ernie Padgette,
President, VSSA

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