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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sussex County Fully Repeals Sunday Shooting Ban

At tonight's Board of Supervisors meeting, Sussex County has removed the language from the recently enacted county noise ordinance related to shooting on private property on Sunday.  The ordinance, enacted on April 17th, effectively banned shooting on private property on Sundays, targeting the new Sunday Hunting Law.  The ordinance had been passed in time to affect spring gobbler season.  After an outcry from gun owners and hunters, the Board passed an emergency ordinance at the May Board meeting, repealing the shooting section but had to act in 60 days to make the change permanent.  They did just that tonight.
This victory is due to the hard work of gun owners and hunters who made a public outcry to the Board Chairman Eric Fly.  Thanks to your hard work, it is once again legal to target shoot on private property.

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