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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Primary Day in Virginia's 7th District

Polls will be open for another five hours in Virginia's 7th District where there has been a hotly contested race pitting NRAPVF Endorsed Congressman Eric Cantor and Tea Party favorite challenger Dave Brat.  Most pundits believe Cantor will come out on top. The question is, will it be a blowout or will it be closer than should be expected for a candidate with millions in campaign cash and an opponent who raised less than $100,000.  What little money Brat has had was dumped into radio ads attacking Cantor on amnesty for illegal aliens.  The ads have run during the Rush Limbaugh program for the last couple of weeks.  The Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire blog noted  yesterday that the Cantor's winning margin may give an indication of where the House of Representatives goes on the issue of amnesty for illegals.
The Virginia primary comes in a political season when most challengers trying to dislodge incumbents because they are too soft on immigration have failed, or likely to fail. But the anti-immigration side may score a measure of victory if their campaigns push lawmakers closer to their side, even if they are not defeated.

Responding to Mr. Brat, Mr. Cantor has repeatedly emphasized he work to block “amnesty” for “illegal aliens.”
If Brat holds Cantor to just a few points over 50%, Cantor may determine it is in the GOP's best interest not to address the issue until after the November elections so as not to depress their base vote. If Cantor trounces Brat with a vote total of 60% or more, he may take it as a signal the GOP has noting to fear and push forward with an immigration vote before November.  Either way, most voters in the 7th District are going to be happy when today is over.  The winner is assured of going to Congress next January as no Democrat has qualified for the ballot as of today.

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